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An introduction to Google+

Google+ (or G+, Google Plus, or GPlus) is a social networking service owned and operated by Google Inc. It has recently surpassed Twitter as the second-largest social networking website in the world. Google+ was launched as an invitation-only service on June 28th, 2011, and since then has grown and developed to integrate social services such as Google Profiles, Hangouts, and Circles. Its closest competition is Facebook, but at 500 million…

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Something to Chirp about?

Audio is the up-and-coming way to share data. Well that’s what Patrick Bergel and Animal Systems had in mind when creating their new app, Chirp. It is designed for quick and easy sharing between people in the same place, and unlike Bluetooth, there is no need to connect devices before sharing.

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The fruit of the Vine

Vine is a smartphone app that allows users to create a 6 second flipbook-style video. This creates a minimalist result which adapts to today’s increasingly short attention spans.

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What is a #hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the # (hash) symbol and is a form of metadata tag. Hashtags are used across many microblogging social networking sites including Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+. This kind of metadata helps describe an item and allows it to be found by browsing or searching. It is a useful tool to group certain topics on social media so users can search…

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Instagram is for life, not just for food pics?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so maybe this is why social media platforms like Instagram are increasing in popularity. People love images, and marketing through social media that is based solely on images is becoming a very useful technique in today’s business world.

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Tweet all about it

Twitter is a free micro blogging service that allows users to post ‘tweets’ up to 140 characters, founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone. Twitter is about connections and conversations. Twitter is used in many different ways, from keeping in touch with friends and family, to finding out what your favourite celebrities had for breakfast or what fruit they’re naming their next child after.

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Pinterest for business

Pinterest is a pin-board style photo-sharing website that allows users to ‘pin’ images from many websites, and ‘repin’ others that are already on Pinterest from other users. The vast majority of Pinterest’s content is user-generated [see here], and the most popular categories are pins related to home, arts & crafts, style, and fashion. [see here]

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LinkedIn: making connections

LinkedIn is a social networking website which is used predominantly for business people to build connections and showcase their professional experiences. It can be described as an ‘online CV’ as users can list their previous and current employment and skills.

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