We offer a range of services, equipping you with the tools you need to
engage, enlighten and connect with your customers.


We look at what lies at the heart of your company, taking its values, vision and personality, creating an identity and logo that is effective and memorable. We offer a comprehensive service including company name, brand positioning, key messaging, tagline and visual identity.

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Video & Animation

We understand the power of using video and animation to create a compelling story that engages and informs your customers. We use animation, live action and motion graphics to craft a video that tells your story in the most effective way possible.

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Print Design

We create targeted and compelling visual messages. Whether you require a full rebranding, a product brochure or a business card, we produce high quality designs that compliment your brand and effectively communicate your message to your customers.

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Web Design

We design and develop engaging online experiences that clearly reflect your brand.
We offer a complete service, including domain name registration and hosting, custom website design and development, training, search engine optimisation (SEO) and online marketing.

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We will work with you to develop a cohesive marketing strategy that fits your brand. We’ll help you navigate the many available communication channels, selecting the right tools for you to create connections with your customers, analysing and refining the process every step of the way. Services include social media, microsites, email campaigns, infographics and Search Engine Optimisation.

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What our clients say…

We asked Jay and Lucy to come up with a logo and website that built on the previous strengths of the organisation but showed a fresh new direction. We’re a group with 24 members and accomplishing a design that is suitable for such a diverse selection of people is no easy feat… they understood what it was like to be part of a group like this – they were professional and understanding, listening to what we, their client, wanted. Their care and consideration was obvious, and we have a brand that we are proud to be seen with.

Gisèle Bone

Kingston Art Group

We asked Make Moving Messages to produce a short animation to help us explain to our potential customers a new and complex product – after all a picture paints a thousand words. They made the process very simple and easy, listening to our ideas and guiding us through the process. At each step they made sure we were happy with direction it was taking, in both style and content. They sourced the music and voiceover that complimented the content and graphics perfectly. We were extremely pleased with the end result, great animation, great experience, great value!

Jim Mills

Legal Escrow and Arbitration Services Ltd