The fruit of the Vine

Vine is a smartphone app that allows users to create a 6 second flipbook-style video. This creates a minimalist result which adapts to today’s increasingly short attention spans.

With a Vine clip the user holds down their finger on the screen to record, and takes their finger off the screen to stop recording. They can then continue recording if they wish to create a stop-motion effect on the end product. Vines can be quirky and fun, and if used correctly, can be an innovative marketing tool which is welcomed into this digital age. Twitter acquired the app in October 2012, and it works well as the ‘Twitter of video’ due to its time limitations and snappy nature.

Here are some cool creations from Vine users:

These are just a few of the interesting animations that have been created in Vine, and now brands are starting to jump on the bandwagon to showcase their products and services. Vine is purely visual, with optional audio (although this is muted by default), and this along with it’s very short length means the viewer can watch quickly and easily with minimal effort. So is Vine a useful tool for marketing your company? Don’t just join Vine because it appears to be the new and ‘in’ thing to do, as it won’t work for every business. If you feel it will be a useful tool and you have some innovative ideas for some Vines, definitely try it out.

Vine for your Business

Before you create a Vine, plan out how you intend the end result to look. Organisation is important with the strict time limitations and you want to make sure it flows and makes sense as a whole. Ask yourself what you want to portray in your Vine and what messages you’d like to send to your customers. Making a storyboard beforehand is a good idea to keep your Vine structured. Do not try to include too much in your video, the powerful thing about Vine is its simplicity.


When thinking about what to record with Vine, you must think about your customers. What are they interested in? What do they want to hear from you? You can show sneak peeks of new product releases, behind the scenes animations of your office life, or events you attend. Ensure your videos fit with your brand’s style and that they will appeal to your target audience. Getting your customers involved is an excellent idea, and Weetabix have recently used Vine to do just this. People eat Weetabix for breakfast, and keeping this in mind the cereal brand have created a Twitter campaign which helps them figure out the morning routines of their followers. In total four Vine videos were produced, reaching 262,000 people on Twitter. They asked questions prefixed by hashtags – #getup, #hitsnooze, #grabbreakfast, or #leavethehouse. The hashtag with the most responses got its own video made.

Tutorial videos are a great idea for Vine, as long as the task is quick enough to be explained in 6 seconds. American DIY chain Lowes have made excellent use of Vine for how-to videos. Lowes uses the hashtag #lowesfixinsix to show its quick and useful tips.

Bacardi did a similar thing but with cocktail making, showing various cocktails and how to make them in 6 seconds. They encourage followers to create their own, increasing engagement and interactivity between the brand and the user.

At the moment, Vine is only available on Apple devices, however this is likely to change in the future. The interesting app is still relatively small and has a few growing pains to get through before it can be at its best, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on as it progresses. It has a small and creative community and celebrity use has definitely brought in more users. If you feel its right for your business then there’s no harm in trying it out.



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